In 1966, as I was finding my creative voice, I experienced the work of Glenn McKay, light artist with the Jefferson Airplane. It was an epiphany for me. I knew that I wanted to transcend the boundaries of space and time imposed on me by creating on canvas – from that point on, my artistic practice has been the creation and production of liquid light shows, using a variety of analog and traditional artistic mediums, including paint, gels, color wheels, lumia effects, 16 mm film and more.

Painting organic slides on glass, creating handmade cinema, has given me the opportunity to try new ways of “seeing.” I found that I could use simplicity in color and movement, combined with sound, to produce profound effects in the viewing audience. I am currently exploring ways to bring that same “soulful” human experience, created  in an analog medium, into the digital realm, so that both the art of creating these singular events and the events -- themselves can be preserved and replicated.


In  1999, Robert Riley, former curator of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), described a retrospective light show exhibit produced by Glenn McKay, Dennis Keefe and myself, part of what he said was: “The luminous images are using  a combination of transparent inks, dyes, and biological stains; water soluble or resistant liquids; and oils and pigments applied to translucent surfaces..... Details, imperfections, and incidental properties of the medium increase proportionally in size by projection; a single occurrence - an air bubble or bleed for example - changes from happenstance to epiphany in its significance. As large-scale imagery is mixed with the aural dimensions of amplified sound, a vivid medium of potent sensory stimulation is shaped.”

A pioneer artist in the field of liquid light shows, I continue to create. However, the cost, the equipment needed, and the effort and logistics of creating a single performance, for a relatively small audience, have become prohibitive, and artists willing and capable of creating such "analog" performances are almost non-existent. I am compelled to undertake this art project now because I am concerned that the art form is disappearing. Consequently, an integral part of my proposed art project is my intention to offer an opportunity to learn about "painting with light" to interested students from local area colleges, through several internships (non-compensated). With your support and feedback we can make this light art project happen.



This site is dedicated to Charles Pringle, Jay Moss, Glenn McKay and Joshua White.  Light artists, live cinema performing artists who have given me tremendous inspiration love and support.

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