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George William Holden 

Live Cinema and Liquid Lightshow Artist

A pioneering artist in the field of liquid light shows since 1966, George Holden is continuing to. create and move forward in the 21 st century.  His pioneering work in the use of painting organic slides on film, glass, and liquid projection creating analog handmade live cinema behind live performing artists has given him the opportunity to try new ways of “seeing.” He utilizes simplicity in color and movement, working with musicians to combine lights and sound to produce profound effects of synesthesia (“hearing” color and “seeing” sound) for the viewing audience.

In 1999, Robert Riley, former curator of the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (SFMOMA), described a retrospective light show exhibit produced by Holden and a collaborator:


“The luminous images are using a combination of transparent inks, dyes, and biological stains; water-soluble or resistant liquids; and oils and pigments applied to translucent surfaces. ……Details, imperfections, and incidental properties of the medium increase proportionally in size by projection; a single occurrence - an air bubble or bleed for example - changes from happenstance to an epiphany in its significance as large-scale imagery is mixed with the aural dimensions of amplified sound, a vivid medium of potent sensory stimulation is shaped."

George has created moving light experiences at the Fillmore West, The Mondavi Center, Folsom Three Stages, Grass Valley Center for the Arts, Berkeley Community Theater, Marin Civic Center, The Crest Theatre, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Crocker Art Museum, The Great American Music Hall, and The Berkeley Museum of Modern Art Pacific Film Archives. He has worked with an array of legendary artists including The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Starship, Joe Cocker, Sly Stone, Chuck Berry, Ike, and Tina Turner, Paul Butterfield, Etta James, Carlos Santana, Donovan, Joan Baez, Loving Spoonful, John Lee Hooker, Country Joe McDonald, The Sons of Champlain

and The 77s.

This site is dedicated to Charles Pringle, Jay Moss, Glenn McKay and Joshua White.  Light artists, live cinema performing artists who have given me tremendous inspiration love and support.

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